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Circular Light Years

In a circular plane nearly four hundred light years away, there might be a reference to an unusually-featured rough and removed landscape. The landscape would contain a variety of circular references to an initial concept. Less than 40 individuals have even considered such a reference, as the most important information is hidden within its structure. Although one might imagine the rough landscape is inverted in relation to the uppermost non-aligned boundary, there is no way to ascertain an inversion when using terrestrially based calculation methods on a circular plane so many hundreds of light years away. The distance relative to such timing is conversant with secondary reference features, only. The following methodology was not (and is not to be) found useful:

1.) Measure circular distance using non-featured references.
2.) Using the distance measured in step one, terrestrially calculate the secondary feature’s reference.
3.) Compile any non-linear data gathered by less than 40 individuals.
4.) Compare other data using steps 1, 2, and 3.

As one might notice, there is a steady stream of information that remains to be captured when measuring the aforesaid circular plane. This information may or may not be captured using alternate methodologies ascribed to worldly references to important information in a hidden structure. Further study on this topic may proceed depending on acquiring appropriate measurement skill.