Center of Edge Received

When a point of contact moves either to or fro, then an element has a chance to catapult towards a center. At the very center of the central point, the tangential point of contact has only one mission: to lose balance on the edge when important specifics are received. These specific edges that are received can be abandoned. How can it be abandoned? There are three minute details I cannot mention in this blog because they are proprietary. However, I may allude to these details by listing three allegorical instances: an ocean, a stick, and a piece of bark (vis a vis the stick drawing article). Another method to demonstrate the mission’s edge of abandonment is to display something that is both missing a central point, and receiving an endpoint. The following image only alludes to these possible requirements:

sunset grain wood

a sunset grain wood

It is newsworthy to mention that the above image has been created to represent, “sunset grain wood.” The sunset’s sun-energy combines with wood to form a pattern, which reminds me about the suns energy (some info about solar energy here) to provide a tactile representation of something without a specific edge. The image’s “mission” is to allow the unfolding of prominent features that we can always discuss at a later time.

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  1. Where was the photo taken? It looks more like a sunrise than a sunset.

  2. Good article about the contact points. If there is a way I can count (numerically) the amount of contact points that are tangential to a center, it would be a good method to determine the total.

  3. Good news: Beautiful photo!

  4. Lorraine100075

    It would be great if you had a photo gallery. That is a wonderful wood image of a carved sunset (or maybe sunrise). The photographic technique you have used is beyond compare.

  5. Andy and Sarah

    Would you please write a topic listing some sample measurement tools? It would be grat if you listed them in an orderly fashion. Also whether the tools should be metallic, non-metallic, or made up of something else.

  6. Andy and Sarah, the topic listings are currently in developement. The measurement tools have already been explained to the extent I deem necessary. This news blog may cover this info at a later time. Thank you.

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