Stick Drawing on Stone Bark

Today, this blog may be awarded a silvery golden star with shiny multiparticle beams radiating from the center. Some people imagine “points” when they think of a star; however, I think of a sphere emanating radiant light waves in all directions. In the sky at night, more than 35 stars may be perceived. During the day, however, there may be as many as 50, 100, or even more than 200 stars. Multiply 200 times an infinite number of “points” and the resultant number can be articulated as a “simply bigger-than-countable number.” A handheld calculator is sometimes useful for many calculations. If one award is issued today, two awards issued tomorrow, there will be at least three awards issued, total, within a calendrical week. The multiparticle beams appear to radiate from the center, only if measured properly (with, or without points). Therefore a sum, divided by an eminence (such as from radiating light), can confound the simplest methods, ergo the stick drawing on stone-bark story. The story goes that 400 years ago, a paragraph was inscribed on an old piece of bark which had fallen from a tree. Multiparticle beams radiated towards the bark, and only a vivid imagination would ascertain a number of points on the bark (akin to a referenced star). The piece of bark was later found by a being on some sort of a mission. Carrying out such a mission always resulted in a summation, a calculation of sorts, where the end result was always a sphere. In conclusion, the stone-bark always was found where it was supposed to be. Allegories such as this are almost always of some interest.

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  1. A well stated story. If your story is an allegory, I believe I understand your point. I enjoyed it.

  2. I wish you would post more information. The news you are posting makes your blog absolutely fascinating.

  3. It would be great if you could post some photos or sketches of some stars. Even if it is just a page with a dot on it. Such an illustration would greatly enhance parts of your ideology and clairfy it for me. Your cross referencing is great, and your news is really appreciated by many of us who are studying your writings. Thank you.

  4. The stick drawing article is fabulous. You get your points across wonderfully. Every day I come and look at your blog, and it provides a great structure to my day. The allegory really makes sense and it totally applies to my day to day life.

  5. If stars are spherical from time to time, then I think that the less points one has, the better.

  6. The allegory reminds me of another story that had something to do with eighteen drawings on a rocky bark. I enjoyed your story more.

  7. Excellent story. The point is very clear to me, I appreciate the efforts you made to write it so wonderfully. Please post any photo accompaniments if you have them.

  8. Andy and Sarah

    We enjoyed the allegory. It reminds us of when the listings corresponded with the original variations.

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  16. This story is very conclusive; if I were to further illustrate some important points, the main news portion would be concurrent with the inital allegory. Today there is a large amount of bark which can be written on, and there are plenty of stones. All kinds of drawings are available to be further illustrated on pieces of bark, provided the artist(s) want their illustrations/drawings etched on wood. Thank you, and excellent article!

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  18. The allegorical interpretations seem to effectively correspond with some of my own drawings which I have placed on stone and bark. When you spoke about stick drawings, are you referring to drawings done with a stick? Or drawings of a stick? Either way, the allegory seems quite important to the infinite writing possibilities especially when stone and bark are used.

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