Announcement: upcoming past space-time lecture

On Monday, July 16, 1257, there will be an formal lecture, followed by an evening get together with a guest speaker and some treats. The lecture will cover three of the topics already covered in this important news blog:

Interplanetary Minerals
Space and Dimension

Please note the lecturer is new; no heckling or jokes, and please silence your communicators while attending. As a special treat, we’ll have an evening guest speaker lecturing on:

universe and its center

After the lecture, some delicious edibles and fresh water will be served.

Please wear clothing appropriate to the 13th century, and if you cannot attend this function, there may be a future lecture announced for the 11th century.

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  1. Vlad and Prennve

    Will you have another lecture soon?

  2. Allegory, escalation, space and dimension are my favorite topics. I am glad you will consider the chance to hold a conference on these topics.

  3. It may be possible.

  4. Allegory, perception, and dimension are my favorite topics. I hope you are considering the idea to hold lots of conferences on these topics.

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