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Secondary Escalation of One Dimensional Vector

It is quite difficult to capture the primary escalation of a vector for use in an infinite detector diagram. However, capturing the secondary escalation of a one-dimensional vector is easy when considering parallel conformity.

secondary escalation of one dimensional vector

When escalation is observed (as in the photo, above), less doubt is left to the imagination. In the future, an announcement may be made if additional photos are forthcoming.


Briefly Important News

Announcement: due to the overwhelming quality of a positive response to some of the articles written here, the author wants to announce the invention of the possibility of an online discussion about event-particles in non-linear space. The discussion may entail infinite detector diagrams without parallel conformities. More news to follow.


Any Canvas of Wakefulness

In the place exactly one-half of the way from wakefulness to deep sleep, there is a realm similar to an artist’s canvas. When the mind slows, the inner time speeds up and the thought processes generate only one impulse of a complete description of an event per unit of special measure. Many ratios of this wakefulness vs special measure have been proposed, but the most useful ratio is one event per unit. This generates a simple time-step, where the artistic canvas comes into play. In consideration of the possibilities to be developed, the concept of deep sleep brings into question the generation of, “speed-of-mind.” Although a rather simplistic explanation, the best way to show how the measurement(s) take place is to use a standard comparison. The general boundaries referred to in a recent paragraph titled, “Perception Entrained by Reverse Movement,” won’t affect any quantum interference on this artist’s canvas (analogous to how distance overlays time). The time-step can no longer be useful when attention is directed to the place half way into deep sleep.


When News Passes the Moon

Minerals have been located on the lunar surface. News like this makes this blog quite appealing and at some point, there is always a chance that no more will be forthcoming from these postings. Whenever information can be gathered into a chart (like this remote viewing chart chart) for easier assimilation, a point will be made to do so in order that categories and values can be delimited in an orderly manner.

Taking into consideration the value of order and space, there is ample opportunity to delegate a spacing from one point to another. A previous post referenced some measurement techniques that have not (as of yet) been tested. When those measurements come to fruition, then placement can happen.

At some point, tertiary sound will be explored here.