When News Passes the Moon

Minerals have been located on the lunar surface. News like this makes this blog quite appealing and at some point, there is always a chance that no more will be forthcoming from these postings. Whenever information can be gathered into a chart (like this remote viewing chart chart) for easier assimilation, a point will be made to do so in order that categories and values can be delimited in an orderly manner.

Taking into consideration the value of order and space, there is ample opportunity to delegate a spacing from one point to another. A previous post referenced some measurement techniques that have not (as of yet) been tested. When those measurements come to fruition, then placement can happen.

At some point, tertiary sound will be explored here.

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  1. In a future post, would you please indicate or articulate the location of minerals relative to the surface? Please note that these minerals could also be directly below the lunar surface (assuming you are speaking of the earth’s moon).

  2. Thank you for such a good post. It took lots of thought to ponder what you have written, but I think I get it.

  3. The last time I delegated spacing was back in the early 16th century — in Rome, I think.

  4. There are minerals here, too.

  5. After studying the methodology, and after a lot of disciplined thought, I finally am getting a grasp.

  6. Jerry, good idea with the disciplined thought. That’s one of the ways your thinking should progress.

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