Tetrahedral Energetics and Consciousness

When energy condenses into a tetrahedral shape, fifteen directional electrons become sentient. Their consciousness appears almost instantly. The conveniently sentient electron bears no resemblance to the original tetrahedron (either polar, or nonpolar). This can be measured in certain instances: when at place of origin, when at place of source, and when below a linear plane. All together, these 15 electrons weigh less than three times the original weight of the tetrahedron. When the consciousness collapses on itself, these electrons tend to circulate outside the geometric shapes. Nevertheless, the original tetrahedral structure continues with its original sentience. Because clarification can be important, the following may clarify:

  • Observation: modal
  • Sentience: reciprocating
  • Conscious: yes
  • Beginning shape: tetrahedron
  • Penultimate shape: to be discovered
As mentioned in the “Stick Drawing on Stone Bark” allegory, multiparticle beams can sometimes be seen radiating away from the center, as long as proper measurements are taken. Measurement is only appropriate, in this instance, when the original count is skewed (i.e. greater than, or less than 15).

Absolute condensation of energy is not always necessary (if ever necessary). The consciousness continues to pervade the smallest particle whether or not measurements have been taken. This absolute condensation of energetic particles (of formerly driven – or – sometimes imagined systems) quite possibly drives the functioning of many sentient tetrahedral shapes, as long as the original structure is maintained foremost in a given theory. Conclusion: when modal observation is used to clarify sentient particles, counting of the original concepts of directional electrons may swiftly move in consciousness.

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  1. fortythreerainfalls

    Please discover the penultimate shape. The other parts of the article were fantastic.

  2. All energy can condense into a tetrahedral shape when considering the many methods this can happen.

  3. I enjoy reading the stick stone story. I thought you were going to post another story. If there are 3 things I enjoy the most about reading your blog, it is that the news is interesting, the allegories are puzzling, and your scientific method is very curious.

  4. Looking forward to your listing of the direct and imagined systems which drive the functions of particles.

  5. Vladimir, I’m glad you enjoyed the story! And it is great you found this important blog.

  6. With 15 electrons, the weight should be 15 times as much as just one electron, as long as all are postulated as identical weights.

  7. I enjoyed your paragraph. Your blog really motivates my thinking.

  8. I would also list the format of each electron.

  9. Steven, the format doesn’t need to be listed, as it is not necessary.

  10. Teresa, that is correct; the format need not be included.

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