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Sometimes Clarification Results

Sometimes, the clarification of distance compared to time results in an affinity towards the depth of space. When important news travels to a distant point beyond a galaxy, it can be imagined how eventful its discovery becomes. When one measures the distance of an inner space, and then turns around and applies that measurement to an outer limit of sorts, there is no turning back. Time simply amplifies the distortion perceived during the measurement, itself. To clarify further, consider two points. Consider how much space each point takes up (a point’s “footprint”). If truly a “point,” then chances are that the footprint is no greater than a limit of imagination. Based on those two points, it is important (and newsworthy) to define an outer region when necessary. Then, whoever circles that outer region will have encircled the region. It is an opinion that this circling (encirclement) results in a sort of new, noteworthy epiphany.