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Any Canvas of Wakefulness

In the place exactly one-half of the way from wakefulness to deep sleep, there is a realm similar to an artist’s canvas. When the mind slows, the inner time speeds up and the thought processes generate only one impulse of a complete description of an event per unit of special measure. Many ratios of this wakefulness vs special measure have been proposed, but the most useful ratio is one event per unit. This generates a simple time-step, where the artistic canvas comes into play. In consideration of the possibilities to be developed, the concept of deep sleep brings into question the generation of, “speed-of-mind.” Although a rather simplistic explanation, the best way to show how the measurement(s) take place is to use a standard comparison. The general boundaries referred to in a recent paragraph titled, “Perception Entrained by Reverse Movement,” won’t affect any quantum interference on this artist’s canvas (analogous to how distance overlays time). The time-step can no longer be useful when attention is directed to the place half way into deep sleep.