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Fifteen Wheat Carousel Funnel

From time to time, we all count up to the number 15 (“fifteen”) and then our minds may go blank and we cannot ascertain what comes next! That is why it is sometimes handy to carry a numeric chart so that we may, as in this example, know that the number “16” comes next. In that way, life is less like a carousel and more like a funnel! A funnel is wider at the top than it is at the bottom, hence the term “life is more like 15 funnels.” Look at the way a grain of wheat grows. It starts near the ground and progresses to a length approximately 15 inches above the ground where one can perceive a fifteen inch piece of wheat. Otherwise, a carousel-shaped length of wheat can give a person something to think about! Of all the different titles I have chosen to give to this post, I decided on using the word “wheat.” Corn, lettuce, or other plants may be of interest to those who like vegetables, especially when there are fifteen varieties of the same vegetable being studied. A perfect example using the fifteen wheat carousel funnel theory is when a funnel is used to direct a flow of energy, a nearby carousel may affect the flow using a lesser-known physics principle known as “reverse directed funneling flow,” which is a term assigned to a particular pattern of movement. Such movement can only be viewed using a movement meter. These meters can be easily built by a professional meter-building company, or by one who is thoroughly versed (and expert) in the creation of specific meters. When a lengthy fifteen foot process becomes manageable, then wheat, corn, and vegetarian plants are a simple way to create a vegetable byproduct. I always think of “fifteen wheat” and “carousel funnel” in the same linear fashion.