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Incandescence, Spanda, and Metaphors

If for no other reason than to point out the obvious, some references to an antithesis may shed knowledge on a given plane of manifestation. Though conventional manifestation (or presence) already contains knowledge of some sort, some unconventional appearances may lack of knowledge of a given thought-provoking antithesis that rarely captures connectivity of a routine. Though news to some, it is of some thoughtful opinion that any competing antitheses to this routine do not capture further imagination—unless the incandescence of forgotten images are compared to any one objective. Think of a seashore, the ocean, the continuing but conventional knowledge a wave-based oscillation of water brings to actualization and realization. Such an objective cannot, and should not be considered as competition to alternate objectives. In incandescent objective, though not necessarily an antonym of, “antithesis,” loses its iridescence/knowledge on a given plane when no further imagination propagates an instance of spanda (“oscillation”). When the objective’s vibration ceases, further objectives can make themselves known. No further imagination is congruent, unless accompanied by images, objectives, competition, and spanda. This ninefold itemization has not been taught for centuries. The reader may think that it is for good reason that such a novenary “list” hasn’t been taught for quite a while; however, practicality and importance sometimes prevails. Approximately 750 years ago, the previously mentioned, “incandescence of forgotten images,” were brought to a metaphorical stage. On this stage, only one conclusion was derived: observation was (and still is) the only thread connecting the images to knowledge, and knowledge to oscillation; any previous references to antitheses have no relation to a propagation of spanda.