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Reach Out

Today, I thought I would reach out to my readers. Yes, REACH OUT. REACH………OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! What? What was that you say? “Reach out?”

What is all this “reach out” business that EVERYONE is saying nowadays. Who started it? And, more importantly, how did everyone, everywhere, in every business, every school, every shop, every city, and every state all of a sudden start using this HORRID expression? I’d like to “reach out” to all the linguists out there…. WHO started it? May I please banish you to an island, forever? (Then you can “reach out” all day long).

I had a convesation with someone the other day, I pointed out how everyone is using this awful phrase. It is sooooooo pretentious. Then, later that day, I got an email from someone that used the term “reach out,” and then later that day at a shop (um, I mean, “institution” or whatever shops are called nowadays), and I overheard a salesperson use REACH OUT three, yes, 3 times in a sentence!

If you’re “reaching out to me,” just hang up. I’m outta reach. Don’t reach out to me.