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Parable of the Fastidious Sheep

Allow me to start off with a clarification: this parable is about a fastidious sheep (singular), not several sheep. One hundred and forty seven years ago, concentric rings of the green, stilted weed called “wand meadow,” surrounded a slow moving river. The river looked as if it was flowing upwards (some land formations lend themselves to optical illusion). A sheep was grazing. Passerby would comment on how the sheep was oblivious to all the people watching it doing it’s thing.

“Look, the sheep is grazing.”
“Wow, he looks happy.”
“The sheep is eating too much.”
“What a wonderful fastidious sheep.”

These were the comments people made as the walked down the riverbed. The sheep never once looked up.

Well, after several weeks, more and more people started to wonder why it looked like the river was flowing upward, so a scientist was called in. When she arrived, she commented to the townspeople how far she had to travel to look at this river. “It took me a long time to get here, and… oh, look, what an amazing sheep!” The townspeople said, “Yes, that is an amazing sheep. But we invited you here so that you can give us your opinion on the river.”

At that precise moment, the sheep fastidiously looked up and said, “Scientists don’t give opinions.”