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The Three Folded Slates, an allegory

Eighty four years ago, there were eighty five trees in a forest. Amongst the tall green trees were twelve rocks, three of which were slate. A careful observation of the slates shows that at one time, the slates were folded. “How can a rock be folded?” one might ask. The answer is found in one of the tall trees. The leaves were golden on one side of the trees (the easternmost side). On the other side, the leaves were a speckled green with reflective mineral-like crystalline spots. Each leaf had a fold, in fourway sections. Imagine an origami lesson where you were told to fold a piece of paper four ways. Each leaf was folded in such a manner. The tall tree sat on a hill, the only hill in the forest. Up close, the tree did not look green; rather, it appeared golden when the observer was facing west, and reflectively speckled when facing east. Note that this story may have been told, and retold, so the directions are inconsequential, i.e. substitute east with west, or north, doesn’t matter. What matters is that each side had differently colored leaves. Most importantly, the leaves on one side of the tree were covered with a reflective crystalline pattern. This hill was covered with red bedrock, enough so that the tree’s roots were hidden. Underneath the bedrock was a cardboard box that contained a slate folder.